Advice on Starting Nursery

Preparation: How to prepare your child for their first day at St Margaret's Montessori

St Margaret's will offer all new parents and children an introductory session.  This will take place the term before you child joins St Margaret's. 

This session will be an opportunity for you and your child to meet the teachers, some of their peers and also to familiarise yourselves with the school day. You will be given an introductory pack which includes general information about the school and various forms including important information which is needed and relates to your child’s wellbeing.

First Day Advice: Handy hints to help a smooth transition

The night before your child’s first day at St Margaret's ask him/her to help you get the uniform ready.  In the morning, have a sharing moment with your child to talk about their first day at St Margaret's and what fun it is going to be.

Make sure you all have a good leisurely breakfast, leaving plenty of time to get ready for school.  Please bring a bag containing spare clothes and any nappies and wipes that are needed.

We will provide a healthy snack during the morning.

Please feel free to let your child bring along his favourite stuffed animal (or blanket, or whatever object comforts them) so there is a home/school connection which helps them settle. We will look after these but please make sure these precious objects are labelled somehow.

On arrival at school, you will be greeted by the teachers and will be welcomed into your child’s classroom.  Your child’s keyworker will work with you to begin the settling in process to take care of all your child’s needs.  Be reassured that, at all times both the voice of the parent and the voice of the child are validated.

Please feel free to stay for as long as your child needs you.  Working together we will decide the right time when it is appropriate for you to say goodbye and leave the school for a short time.  Reassure your child that you will come back very soon to pick them up.

Just to reassure you, it is normal for some children to cry when it’s time to separate. Once a child feels safe and secure and all their needs are met they will be fine, a few moments after the parent leaves.  If it is taking a little longer don’t worry, we will work together to aid the settling in process for you and your child.

We will ask you to return a little earlier than usual to collect your child for the first few days. 

When you arrive to collect your child, their keyworker will give you feedback on your child’s first morning at St Margaret's.